Our Process

You Sign Up to Alerts

Once you sign up you will be on our mailing list to get exclusive access to deals

Chat with our in house team to find out about your investment criteria and become a verified investor

Once we get an understanding of the deals you are looking for we can set our sight on finding the perfect deal for you.... if we don't have it already

You become a verified Investor
(which is simple and straight forward)

You will be ahead of the pack for investment deals that come through and will be sent deals which will include the property details, return figures (ROI, POCE, Yield etc.) and pictures

You Match With a Deal

Once a deal that you like has been found we will proceed to send over a reservation form and an invoice for the finders fee deposit and confirmation of the terms of sale

Completion of Terms of Sale and Deposit

We Arrange a Call to disclose the full property details and get the ball rolling

Sale Progresses as Normal

We will instructing both the yours and the sellers solicitor and can provide recommeneded providers if necessary

Completion and final payment

Once the property completes (unless stated otherwise) full finders fee is paid and congrats you officially have a new investment property

Engage Our In House Team

If you would like to take up the service of our in house construction team we will manage the process from start to finish so you don't have to worry along with supplying you with access to our power team of property experts and partners

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